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Sep 11, 2019
Lots and lots of praying..really. I often wanted to cry, and did. I just had to keep in mind that my dad was struggling with so much loss. Not just loss of his memory, but loss of his independence, loss of his ability to make his own decisions and then the loss of his wife, and really since his children were so far away, he really ended having to manage the loss of his children, except for me. So I had to constantly remind myself that it is hard for me to watch the man I knew to be my dad, become just a shell, it was harder for him. I could get up and walk away from the situation, he could not. I was also really blessed to have wonderful caregivers for my dad, who genuinely loved him and so that made it easier to know he was in good hands when I was not there. Finally, I found things for him to do to keep him occupied. For a while it was TV but it became difficult for him to follow what was happening. And then I got him a child's puzzle, because he and my mom used to like to put puzzles together when they were younger, and he loved it. So I kept him in supply of plenty of puzzles, none too difficult (and he would often be banging on a piece to get it to fit), but he loved doing them. And everyone from the caregivers to his fellow patients would help him with it. He was always so proud when he finished one. There were about 5-6 of them that we glued to a piece of cardboard to hang in his room. That kept him occupied and his mind off his frustration. When he was less frustrated and agitated so was I.


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