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Family Caregiver

Transfer Skills

Get the skills you need to care for the ones you love. 

What you'll learn

Our classes focus on practical hands on skills for family caregivers. Our goal is to maintain your health and wellbeing and maximize the quality of care that your loved one receives. 

Ambulation Assistance

Prevent falls - learn how to properly assist with ambulation. 

Transfer Technique

Reduce back injuries - learn how to use proper body mechanics for basic transfers. 

Situational Transfers

Get out of the house - Learn situational based transfers for everyday application. 


You will experience a relaxed fun environment where we can learn together. 


Connect with a group of individuals going through a similar stage of life


Learn from healthcare professionals passionate about supporting you.


Knowledge is power! Lets be proactive in developing the knowledge we need. 

Support Materials

Each attendee will receive a skills workbook and resource material. The workbook was been specifically designed for the family caregiver. You can follow a long during the class and reference later when applying your skills at home. 

Caregiver Skills Workshop

Who:               Family Caregivers 

When:             Tuesday - April 16th, 2019

Where:            Heartis - San Antonio

Time:               10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost:               Free for family caregivers

Caregiver Skills Workshop

For those interested in attending a workshop but can not make the currently scheduled dates. 


Please fill out the contact form so we can let you know when additional workshops are set. 

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