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Aug 6

Medical loans in my mother's name?


Someone had mentioned that I can assist my mother to get a medical loan to cover some of the costs of assisted living since it had become a burden on my brothers and I to juggle everything and make sure she is still looked after. My money is tied up with bills, kids, and a mortgage, my younger brother is still paying off college debts, and my older brother has a family of his own. We can all chip in but we want to make sure she gets the best care if this is an option. Does anyone know the process of getting a medical loan for someone who has Dementia?

I'm not familiar with a medical loan, but I think the first thing I would look at is whether she could qualify for Medicaid to help pay for assisted living. Medicaid is a government program that helps people pay for long term care if they can't afford the cost of care themselves. There are income, resource, and health requirements to the program and sometimes there are waiting lists for some kinds of care.

Aug 15

Oh wow, thank you! I am going to check into this. I hope she does qualify. Getting care for her is something that will help everyone, we are just all worried about the cost. Thank you Carol for letting me know about this. I will check into this first thing in the morning and make some calls.

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