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Jun 28

When to consider a hoyer lift?


My husband had a stroke a few years ago. Its getting to the point where he can barely assist at all during a transfer. When should I consider getting some help or a hoyer lift?

Good morning Sharon, thank you for your question. To properly assess the situation can you tell me a little more about your husband's situation, as far as mobility is concerned, and if he has had a PT or OT consult recently. Thanks Sharon.

Hi Sharon, This will depend on your comfort level. A transfer does require some assistance from your loved one. Once a care recipient is no longer able to assist in the transfer it become a two person transfer or requires the use of hoyer lift. Also, note that depending on your comfort level it may require additional assistance or hoyer much earlier than that. Transfers are a physical task and your safety and that of your loved one is the number one priority.

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