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Jul 12

Alzheimer's Alert Cards


Edited: Jul 17

Jul 15Edited: Jul 15

FYI, Bill Z and I discovered you will need to create an account to be able to edit/ order the Alz cards. So, prior to clicking on the link. Go to www.canva.com and create a profile. Once, your profile is complete click the original link. This will allow you to edit the Alz Card as needed and submit an order for the cards all in one place.

Yep, I did that after I upgraded my browser. Claudia

Hi Ryan and All,


I had to upgrade my MAC browser to Mojave to order the cards, but once that done,

the ordering process worked for me.


It was a little complicated the first time, but having the template all done,

was a piece of cake. Hope the rest of you are able to do it.


I was using vista print before but had sketchy results with them last couple of times.

And Office Max was expensive. Claudia


Jul 26

This looks lovely. I am new to all this having had my father diagnosed properly just a year ago. He had been refusing to see a doctor since he fell in 2015 and hit his head. I am just wondering what these cards are for exactly?

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